2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E SR RWD Specs, Range, Performance

Ford Mustang Mach-E SR RWD car range
Battery Capacity
75.7 kWh
70.0 kwh useable*
172 mi
277 km city*
Acceleration 0-60 mph*
6.6 sec
* - same as 0-100 kmh
$44859 USD
Full Specs List
Ford Mustang Mach-E SR RWD car range

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About 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E SR RWD

New Mustang Mach-E SR RWD created by Ford Motor Company is mid-range in its new electric vehicle lineup. The Standard Range can travel 230 miles on a single charge (as measured by EPA). The acceleration to 60 mph of the rear-wheel drive crossover is 6 seconds. Also, all new electric vehicles are equipped with a three-year warranty for all components and an extended, eight-year (or 100 thousand miles) on electrical components.

In practical terms, Mach-E differs from conventional crossovers only in the presence of a 100-liter front trunk, the plastic “bath” of which can be completely washed out of the hose (there is a drainage hole at the bottom), which will make it easier to transport dirty things, goods with a smell or, for example, beer, which can now be loaded into ice, poured directly into the trunk. But the rear compartment is normal, 402 liters. Only five seats, and the back of the rear sofa is divided into only two parts.

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All specifications

Main Characteristics
Average Price44859 USD / 39712 EUR / 36770 GBP
Price per kwh641 $ / kWh
Seats number5 people
Charge portType 2

Engine Performance
Acceleration 0-60 mph*6.6 sec
Top Speed112 mph / 180 kph
Power255 hp / 190 kw
Torque415 nm / 306 ft lb
DriveRear wheels
* - Similar to 0-100 kmh
Real Battery Range and Energy Consumption
Average Energy Consumption406 Wh/mi | 252 wh per km*
City Winter Range149 Mi | 240 Km
City Winter Consumption469 Wh/mi | 291 Wh/km
Combined Winter Range127 Mi | 204 Km
Combined Winter Consumption551 Wh/mi | 342 Wh/km
Highway Winter Range111 Mi | 179 Km
Highway Winter Consumption630 Wh/mi | 391 Wh/km
City Range Mild Temp222 Mi | 240 Km
City Consumption Mild Temp315 Wh/mi | 196 Wh/km
Combined Range Mild Temp172 Mi | 277 Km
Combined Consumption Mild Temp406 Wh/mi | 252 Wh/km
Highway Range Mild Temp139 Mi | 224 Km
Highway Consumption Mild Temp504 Wh/mi | 313 Wh/km
Ranges for winter is actual to temperature of -10°C (14°F) and heat on. Summer, spring or autumn temperature is set to +23°C (73°F) in example, air conditioning off and no wind.