2020 Opel Corsa-E Specs, Range, Performance

Opel Corsa-E car range
Battery Capacity
50 kWh
47.5 kwh useable*
232 mi
373 km city*
Acceleration 0-60 mph*
8.1 sec
* - same as 0-100 kmh
$32318 USD
Full Specs List
Opel Corsa-E car range

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About 2020 Opel Corsa-E

Meet the sixth generation of Opel Corsa hatchback. The electric version was named Corsa-E, and it is the owner of a 330 km range according to the WLTP standard.

This electric car is equipped with a 50 kWh battery, the charging of which from 5 to 80% will take no more than 30 minutes. Owners will be able to charge the car in several ways, controlling the state of charge using the special myOpel application.

The basis for the five-door has become a compact platform CMP. And thanks to the use of lightweight materials and high-strength steels, the mass of the car decreased significantly, while the dimensions of the 6th generation car remained almost the same.

The electric car engine produces 136 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. Thanks to it, the Corsa-E can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 8.1 seconds. And up to 50 kmph – in 2.8 seconds.

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All specifications

Main Characteristics
Average Price32318 USD / 28609 EUR / 26490 GBP
Price per kwh680 $ / kWh
Seats number5 people
Charge portType 2

Engine Performance
Acceleration 0-60 mph*8.1 sec
Top Speed150 mph / 241 kph
Power134 hp / 100 kw
Torque353 nm / 260 ft lb
DriveFront wheels
* - Similar to 0-100 kmh
Real Battery Range and Energy Consumption
Average Energy Consumption205 Wh/mi | 127 wh per km*
City Winter Range271 Mi | 437 Km
City Winter Consumption175 Wh/mi | 109 Wh/km
Combined Winter Range317 Mi | 510 Km
Combined Winter Consumption150 Wh/mi | 93 Wh/km
Highway Winter Range380 Mi | 612 Km
Highway Winter Consumption125 Wh/mi | 78 Wh/km
City Range Mild Temp176 Mi | 437 Km
City Consumption Mild Temp270 Wh/mi | 168 Wh/km
Combined Range Mild Temp232 Mi | 373 Km
Combined Consumption Mild Temp205 Wh/mi | 127 Wh/km
Highway Range Mild Temp297 Mi | 478 Km
Highway Consumption Mild Temp160 Wh/mi | 99 Wh/km
Ranges for winter is actual to temperature of -10°C (14°F) and heat on. Summer, spring or autumn temperature is set to +23°C (73°F) in example, air conditioning off and no wind.