2018 Renault Zoe R110 ZE40 Specs, Range, Performance

Renault Zoe R110 ZE40 car range
Battery Capacity
41.0 kWh
37.0 kwh useable*
180 mi
290 km city*
Acceleration 0-60 mph*
11.4 sec
* - same as 0-100 kmh
$29304 USD
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Renault Zoe R110 ZE40 car range

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About 2018 Renault Zoe R110 ZE40

Renault Zoe with R110 engine is a compact urban ev-car from France. Zoe is the main rival of Volkswagen e-up, Seat e-Mii and Skoda e-Citigo. New R110 engine being the same size as the R90, but has more horsepower than its predecessor. New motor shaves few seconds from car acceleration.

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All specifications

Main Characteristics
Average Price29304 USD / 25942 EUR / 24020 GBP
Price per kwh792 $ / kWh
Seats number5 people
YearMarch 2018
Charge portType 2

Engine Performance
Acceleration 0-60 mph*11.4 sec
Top Speed84 mph / 135 kph
Power107 hp / 80 kw
Torque225 nm / 166 ft lb
DriveFront wheels
* - Similar to 0-100 kmh
Real Battery Range and Energy Consumption
Average Energy Consumption205 Wh/mi | 127 wh per km*
City Winter Range151 Mi | 243 Km
City Winter Consumption245 Wh/mi | 152 Wh/km
Combined Winter Range125 Mi | 202 Km
Combined Winter Consumption295 Wh/mi | 183 Wh/km
Highway Winter Range106 Mi | 170 Km
Highway Winter Consumption350 Wh/mi | 217 Wh/km
City Range Mild Temp239 Mi | 243 Km
City Consumption Mild Temp155 Wh/mi | 96 Wh/km
Combined Range Mild Temp180 Mi | 290 Km
Combined Consumption Mild Temp205 Wh/mi | 127 Wh/km
Highway Range Mild Temp142 Mi | 229 Km
Highway Consumption Mild Temp260 Wh/mi | 162 Wh/km
Ranges for winter is actual to temperature of -10°C (14°F) and heat on. Summer, spring or autumn temperature is set to +23°C (73°F) in example, air conditioning off and no wind.